Kaelyn Roth

Kaelyn Roth,

Back Office Manager and Coolsculpting Manager

Kaelyn joined our practice and brought with her years of experience with both managing patient care and masterful use of electronic health records.  Due to our growing number of interested patients, and Kaelyn’s affinity for CoolSculpting treatments over the last two years, we added CoolSculpting Coordinator to her list of duties.   Kaelyn will consult and assess the proper treatment for desired results. Kaelyn attended CoolSculpting University and studied special techniques and strategies in getting the best results for your treatment.  She is poised, confident and able to answer your questions, while expertly handling the flow in the back office and assisting all providers throughout the day.  Kaelyn brings a great attitude to work daily and we truly enjoy having her as a part of our team in serving you.

Genesis Bejarano

Genesis Bejarano,

CoolSculpting Provider and Medical Assistant

Genesis started with us as an intern for MA school. Her passion for dermatology was immediately evident as she came to work early and volunteered to stay late if needed. Genesis is quick on the computer and always ready and willing to learn something new. Genesis is often in charge of our Fotofinder which we use to show your excellent before and after pictures as well as for skin cancer prevention and detection.  She has earned several certificates of completion and has put them to good use. She attended CoolSculpting University in Pleasanton, California last year and got certified to assess and treat CoolSculpting patients. Her friendly smile and easy way make her a delight to have around the office. She will make you comfortable during your visit and provide the best care.

Kerry Knollenberg

Kerry Knollenberg,

Office Manager and Coolsculpting Provider

Kerry has been with the practice since it’s inception in 2010. She loves to acquire new knowledge and has thoroughly enjoyed the addition of Coolsculpting to the practice. She herself enjoyed fantastic results and wanted to get involved with patient treatment. Kerry often completes consultations for patients letting them know what to expect and what the optimal outcomes for those treatments could be. Call and schedule your consultation with any of our coordinators today.