Office Staff

Kerry Knollenberg

Kerry Knollenberg,

Office Manager and Coolsculpting Coordinator

Kerry enjoys her job as office manager and her happy disposition shows every patient her pleasure. Her past experience in business helps her to succeed in this integral role of handling the business side of the office. She adeptly handles the needs of patients, staff and the business in general while maintaining a fun and easy-going attitude that makes staff and patients alike feel comfortable.  Some of her duties include; website, marketing emails to patients, advertising in office with promotions and events as well as developing marketing materials and strategies.  She handles our hiring and human resources in general.  She manages our medical computer software and purchasing of products for sale in our office and maintaining those relationships with vendors to help bring you the best products at the best prices possible.  She has a keen interest the products and treatments available in our office and can also help guide you through possible cosmetic or skincare needs.  Kerry’s favorite part of her job is visiting with patients. She has been with Dr. McNeill for over 7 years and enjoys the relationships she has developed with all of you.

Danna Yang

Danna Yang,

Medical Assistant

Danna has been with us just a few short months and already has shown her ability to learn quickly and adapt to our quick and steady flow of Dr. McNeill’s established patient base.   She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology from the University of California, Irvine. Her past experience as Medical Scribe for a reputable surgeon in Newport Beach has helped her pick up various tasks in our office with ease and skill.  Danna volunteered at     Kaiser in Irvine and was a “health Scholar” at Hoag Hospital.   Danna’s confidence, skill and eagerness to help will continue to make her an excellent asset to our practice as well as a source of joy for our patients.

Rebecca Spear

Rebecca Spear,

Medical Assistant

Rebecca is a recent college graduate from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences and minors in Applied Psychology and Sociology. In her time at Chapman, she worked as a peer tutor, volunteered at CHOC, and completed an internship at Hoag Hospital. After graduation, Rebecca worked at Long Beach Memorial in both the Pediatric Infusion Center and the CT department. She recently became certified as licensed phlebotomy technician in the state of California. Rebecca’s favorite treatment at NBDPS is the PRP treatment, where she takes the patient’s blood and extracts the platelet-rich plasma so it is ready for the provider to administer to diminish hair loss. Rebecca loves her job as a medical assistant and enjoys learning everything she can about medicine. You will get to know Rebecca by her friendly smile and eagerness to help.

Cheryl Zembower

Cheryl Zembower,

Mid Office

Cheryl brings to our practice 15 years of customer service skills. She often works behind the scenes maintaining and updating our Meaningful Use, Mips and Macra requirements to keep our office compliant.  Cheryl is also the one we ask when we need to find something!  She hs two beautiful sons and is currently attending school for her AA degree in Health Sciences. Cheryl is friendly, helpful and a self-starter, all of which is an asset to our office.

Ciani Grad

Ciani Grad,

Business Manager

Ciani handles reconciling, banking, accounts payable and accounts receivable for our office efficiently and energetically.  Ciani has her master’s degree in teaching but is multi-faceted in her interests because much of the work she does with us involves numbers. Ciani is a jack of all trades. We are fortunate to have her as a part of our staff.

Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett,

Front Office

Pam is a quick learner. Her experience working another reputable dermatology and med spa office in Laguna has made her the sort of employee that is invaluable because she is always thinking about what is best for the practice. She is always ready to lend a hand and take on the job that might be difficult to approach.  She brings her winning smile and attitude to each interaction with every patient.  We are lucky to count her as one of our team and will continue to build on her tremendous skills and we know you will enjoy her hard working spirit when you meet her.

Cameron Knollenberg

Cameron Knollenberg,

Administrative Assistant

Cameron has worked as an administrative assistant for the last two summers at Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.  You can find him helping out up front, on the phones, checking out, scanning and generally doing whatever needs to be done.  We hate to see him go back to Loyola Marymount University in the fall.


Elizabeth "Lizzy" Velez,

Medical Assistant

Lizzy is our newest addition to the Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery family. Lizzy graduated this past spring from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She volunteered at Palomar Hospital in Escondido for over a year and got to see many types of medicine practiced during her time there. Additionally, Lizzy volunteered at SDSU Adaptive Fitness Clinic where she helped train patients with disabilities and used a variety of adaptive an non-adaptive rehabilitation equipment.  Lizzy is outgoing and excited to learn any new protocols and procedures in the office.  She is a go-getter ready to tackle any project.  We’re excited for you to get to know her better.