Treating Acne With Out Antibiotics or Accutane | Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

We treat many skin disorders in the office, but one of the most rewarding for me is treating moderate to severe acne patients.  Acne can have a negative impact on a patient’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  I have had many occasions when a patient in the office is so troubled by their acne they are in tears.  Acne is not only a concern for teens, I treat many adults for acne that have either suffered for years, or have “adult onset” of acne.
There are many approaches to acne treatment, and I utilize all of them.  I tailor the needs of a patient to their specific acne type, and we develop a treatment plan that works best for the patient.
Below is a male patient who had moderate nodular and cystic acne, and did not want to take oral antibiotics or Accutane.  Our acne treatment plan began with setting a routine at home, which I call “homework”.  Half of the struggle of getting acne under control is getting a consistent routine at home.  Finding the right wash, toning, and moisturizer can be very difficult.  I have seen the “sea of acne treatments” at Target… it is very overwhelming! The other half is finding the right prescription medication that works well, and the patient can tolerate with minimal side effects.  In addition, I often recommend acne facials with our aesthetician, Lindsay; and/or the Theraclear Acne Laser.
For the patient in the photo below we set up a simple routine at home, which included our Brightening Clearing Cleanser, Toning Pads, and Facial Quencher.  We used a topical prescription for the morning, and a different topical for the evening.  The patient saw me every 2 weeks for a Theraclear treatment.  (I also believe seeing a patient consistently allows for better results, this gives us a chance to make changes as needed and discuss the progress.) It took about 3 months of biweekly appointments to achieve these results.
The patient and I were committed to getting his skin clear… it took time, patience, and consistency.  Check out his results below!!! : )
If you are suffering from acne, make an appointment today so we can help you achieve beautiful skin!!!!acne patient

Results may vary.

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