Baby-Proofing Your Skin: Pregnancy Skincare Concerns and Options- Kristin Scord, MS, PA-C (mom of two under 4 year olds)

Pregnancy and growing a family is such an exciting time in one’s life! Sometimes; however, our skin doesn’t quite behave as we would like with the physical changes and demands, hormones, and discrepancies in sleep and nutritional patterns. We are here to help!
Concern: Dry and Dull Skin
Come in and see our medical aesthetician, Allee, for a customized pregnancy facial! We offer a 5-layer pregnancy facial and approved micropeel in a pampering 60-minute appointment. This is a non-acid, seaweed and botanical-enzyme rich treatment that includes firming and rehydrating serums, antioxidants and a custom power mask to leave you glowing. In a rush? Book an abbreviated 30-minute lunchtime pregnancy facial and brighten quickly with a luxurious light lactic acid (AHA) blend, customized for your skin needs.
Concern: Hyperpigmentation
While retinols, hydroquinone and lasers cannot be used during pregnancy or nursing, NBDPS carries an amazing alternative by SkinMedica: Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum–a pregnancy-safe serum to help inhibit the process of hyperpigmentation. Lytera helps reduce the appearance of stubborn skin discoloration and helps balance pigmentation (or melanin) in as little as 2 weeks with most dramatic results noticed after 3 months of regular use. Lytera 2.0 is non-hydroquinone, retinol-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic. The formula itself gives you a beautiful lit-from-within glow and can easily be slotted into your skincare routine! Come visit our extensive office skincare store or order online and have shipped to your home at
Concern: Acne
NBDPS is one of the only locations in Orange County that offers the Theraclear Acne Treatment System. It is a break-through treatment that combines a gentle vacuum with pulses of specifically-filtered light to help clear your pores and treat acne breakouts. It will cleanse pores, kill bacteria and calm inflammation. It is fast and there is no downtime! Importantly, this amazing treatment is approved for pregnant patients! This procedure can be billed through insurance, otherwise is at a cost of $150 a treatment.
When combined with or alternating with pregnancy facials, you can get that desired “pregnancy glow” back while clearing your skin!
Contact us at (949) 706-7886 or come in and see us at Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery!

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