The Skinny on CoolSculpting, Lipo-Sculpting, and Cellfina | Body Reshaping Procedures

There has been a new trend that has hit the aesthetic market. Body reshaping is minimally invasive, if not at all, and has created quite a stir in our office!  Between the marketing materials of smooth tushes and flat tummies sprinkled in our rooms, patients want to know “does it really work” and “am I a candidate?!”
The answer is YES it really does work… all of it!  I know because I have tried them all… and slightly addicted!  Read on to see if you are a candidate…


My first adventure in reshaping my “post baby” belly.  After 2 treatments (8 weeks apart) I noticed muscle definition I hadn’t seen in a long time, my pouch that flowed over my jeans was gone.  Remarkable.  No down time, no incision, very little recovery.  A little bruising is to be expected and possible swelling 1 week or so following the treatment.
THE SKINNY: If you can pinch or tug fatty tissue you are a candidate!  But you are a better candidate if you are in generally good shape with a “pocket of stubborn fat” that doesn’t go away after dieting, exercise, etc.  The body reshaping technology works, but can be better appreciated in those without excess fatty tissue.  It takes up to a total of 16 weeks to appreciate the effect of your treatment.  So if you want to be bikini ready you better start now! Learn more about CoolSculpting. Read our FAQ’s on CoolSculpting.


My second adventure in my body reshaping attempts was with lipo-sculpting.  This is done in the office, no anesthesia, but medicated well for comfort.  My goal was to achieve a little more fat reduction in precise areas (around my belly button) and overall sculpting and defining my abdomen so it looked like I spent hours at the gym.  The procedure was about 2 hours, and I was back at soccer practice with the kiddos the next day.  Totally easy.  The results totally amazing.  I now fit into a pant size smaller.
THE SKINNY:  The results are immediate.  You do have to care for the tiny incision sites, and wear a compression garment, which is really no biggie.   Any patient is a candidate, unlike CoolSculpting.  The results are more predictable, you can actually see the tissue being retrieved (if you dare open your eyes to look!).  Why CoolSculpt then?  If you want something non-invasive, that you can do on your lunch hour with no after care… CoolSculpt! Learn more about Lipo-Sculpting here.


This is the first FDA approved treatment for cellulite that is long lasting.  Treatment areas are the thighs and buttock, minus the “banana roll”… the area right below the buttock that holds your tush up.  It is minimally invasive, the technology uses a tiny blade to detach the fibrous tissue pulling the skin down that causes the puckering.  This is done in the office as well, medicated for comfort.  I actually did this treatment the same day I did my lipo-sculpting.  Perfect combination to do at the same time… fat and cellulite, bye-bye!
THE SKINNY:  It really works!!!  Realistic expectations are very important with this body reshaping procedure.  The treatment can smooth dimples, not resurface the skin!  Anyone is a candidate that has dimples!  (I think we all do?!)  Releasing the fibrous tissue can also give your tush a more “rounded” appearance because the skin is not being pulled down.  Don’t think Brazilian Butt Lift, but more like youthful plumping.  I’d do it again and again.  Some bruising and swelling is to be expected, I actually had more bruising with my Cellfina treatment than with my lipo.  The results were noticeable almost immediately! Learn about Cellfina here.
THE OVERALL SKINNY:  There are some AMAZING procedures now for body reshaping that are very easy to do in the office with minimal or no down time.  Doing a little something for yourself to an area that bothers you can make a big difference.  Don’t wait until summer when you try on your swimsuit and realize… uh oh, what happened this winter?!  If you are thinking of trying a body reshaping treatment, you should do it now so you are beach ready in the summer!!!

By Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C — Jennifer is a certified Physician Assistant specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery.

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