Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary-Kerry Knollenberg, Office Manager since 2010

Three thousand six hundred and 50 days. That’s how long Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery has been serving patients and the Southern California community. During that time there have been so many special moments and accomplishments they are hard to count. Notably, Dr. McNeill, as our sole provider, treated 1,279 patients that first year when the practice was named McNeill Dermatology, and in 2019 with 5 providers caring for our patients we were able to provide unsurpassed care for 4,740 patients. Our patient list has soared from 1500 patients to 15,000 patients in 2019. We appreciate the responsibility that our patients trust us with!
Although care has always been exceptional, the way we care for our patients has changed over the years. We have amassed an arsenal of medical devices to care for you. In 2010, Dr. McNeill purchased our first laser. The Palomar Icon is a multi-functional laser performing laser hair removal, intense pulsed light for pigment as well as non-ablative fractional resurfacing… It was a great start. Today, Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery has 15 technologies that perform over 20 types of treatments as varied as body sculpting to vaginal rejuvenation to light therapy. The goal of the practice has always been to offer the most comprehensive care possible. Therefore these technologies extend the possibilities for exceptional treatment. This year alone we added Sebacia, Excel V, and Trusculpt Flex. Sebacia is an acne treatment that delivers gold deep into the hair follicle allowing remodeling of the sebaceous glands, reducing acne without oral medications. Excel V reduces sunspots and facial redness, reducing sun damage using multiple wavelengths of light. Finally, Trusculpt Flex is a unique technology which actually builds muscle strength allowing for increased strength as well as building muscle definition. As technology continues to deliver excellent new options, we hope to continue to be at the forefront of providing you the best, most effective treatments for all of your needs.
In addition to physical purchases of medical devices, we have also garnered some of the most skilled providers to treat the most challenging dermatological and surgical issues. Our newest addition, Robin Lewallen, MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist, joined our team after practicing in Northern California for three years. She joins our talented team and lends her expertise in complex medical dermatology, psoriasis and eczema including biologic medication management, and has a passion for early skin cancer detection using the latest technology such as advanced dermatoscopy and Fotofinder imaging. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Christopher Ellstrom, MD, helps us provide comprehensive care for skin cancer patients requiring surgery for treatment as well as completing our offering for cosmetic improvements when our lasers and injectable treatments are not sufficient.
Our remaining providers finish out our team allowing us to help almost everyone needing care in a timely and effective way. Jennifer Moller, PA-C has patients saying, “I’ve been getting my Botox from Jennifer Moller a few years here. She is awesome! Her results are amazing and her technique makes me feel very comfortable.” And this is a typical review about Michele Westendorf, NP-C. “She answered all my questions, got me started on treatment, and most importantly was super knowledgeable and made me feel extremely comfortable being there.” About Kristin Scord, PA-C, “I was paired with Kristin Scord, who by the way is amazing. She has taken such good care of me & genuinely cares about my skin & the regimen she instructs me to do daily.” Here at NBDPS we have so many things to be proud of, but our providers truly care about this community and find it a privilege to do what they love and be rewarded with such happy patients.
As the number of patients we serve has grown, so has our need for more space to treat them. To that end, we are in the middle of another expansion. Our first office was comprised of a typical check-in area with a receptionist behind a window. We had 6 exam rooms, one bathroom and a small laboratory. Our next jump in space almost doubled our existing square footage and added a procedure room, waiting lounge, expanded waiting room, second lab and bathroom, beautiful store, check out and check in area and three additional exam rooms! Now in the midst of our jump in space, we will add more exam rooms. Throughout the growth, Dr. McNeill has always been able to make the most of the space we have. At one point her office was also the office for herself and 3 other providers and an office manager! Now that same space is our Body Shaping treatment room. The original check out area was where the provider’s office is currently. There were 2 glass shelves that offered patients a mere 13 M.D. products for purchase. We now have 28 M.D. products that many of you won’t live without. Our other product lines grew from just 20 products to 109 products. To say the very least, we offer nearly every possible remedy for any skin need or concern in our product store, where patients purchase products both after appointments, or just walk-in to pick up without an appointment. Many of you prefer the convenience of purchasing from our virtual store.
As our physical location has undergone renovations and remodels, so has our internet location. The McNeill Dermatology website was up and running in 2010. Our website wasn’t fancy but it was useful. The website you may have visited in recent years, newportbeachdps.com has been live since 2015. It has a virtual store, blog posts such as this, more than 200 unique informative pages and has visitors in the thousands weekly. When Dr. McNeill started her practice in 2010 she understood the reality of the way healthcare was changing. She partnered with an electronic healthcare system that continues to grow with our needs and yours. Your health record is secure and complete and we have never had to change vendors. Within that record, we are able to offer Healow, the ability to view your NBDPS personal health record with your other healthcare providers all in one application. It allows you to make appointments online and message your provider all from your phone or desktop during office hours or after office hours.
While having the flexibility and convenience of online options is amazing, we also appreciate that nothing replaces the personal touch of a warm voice on the other end of the phone. If you choose to call, you’ll be met with a friendly staff member ready to serve you. Our staff is the backbone of NBDPS growing from just 3 support staff in 2010 to 15 in 2019. Some of our past staff have gone on to medical school, become nurses and physician assistants themselves. Some have gone from being newly married to married with children. As we reflect on these past 10 years the relationships we have made with patients and each other in serving you is truly what has made the work so rewarding for all of us involved. Thank you for being the most important part of our success.

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