Cellfina — permanent solution for cellulite-Anne Marie McNeill MD, PHD

Cellfina is a permanent treatment for cellulite. This is a relatively simple, one-time procedure under local anesthesia that can give a dramatic improvement in cellulite dimples, especially on the buttocks. This is a procedure best done in the winter, so the skin is smooth and uniform in time for summer.
How the procedure is performed at NBDPS.
Patients are awake during the procedure, however generally I will provide valium or some other medication to relax the patient. Photos are taken, and the dimples to be treated are marked on the patient. The patient is numbed using tumescent anesthesia. This is an injection of dilute lidocaine into the areas that are to be treated. After this process, the Cellfina treatment is performed painlessly. The fibrous septa that cause the dimples are each cut using the Cellfina platform. Each dimple is treated sequentially. A fine cutting blade is inserted at a precise level to cut the septa under each dimple. This entire process takes 2-4 hours depending on the patient, location of the dimples, and number of dimples treated.
What can I expect immediately after the treatment.
After the treatment, the patient is dressed in Spanx with absorbent padding inserted in the Spanx. Generally, there will be some oozing of the anesthesia fluid for 24 hours. Generally patients would resume work and normal activities, walking, sitting, driving within 24 hours. The Spanx should be worn for 2 weeks. The result of smoothing the cellulite can be seen instantly after the procedure, however there is generally bruising and swelling that need to heal before the patient can see their final result. This is a procedure best done in the winter, so the bruising can resolve before swimsuit season. Studies show (and my experience is) that the result improves over time.
What kind of results can I expect.
Cellfina is used on cellulite dimples of the buttocks and thighs. My experience is that is works best for deep dimples of the buttocks. The results in this area are very impressive and I have not seen any other procedure come close to Cellfina in terms of results in this area. For patients with a “lumpy bumpy” texture to their skin, not deep dimples, I generally recommend Z-wave or Ultherapy or filler or other treatments as opposed to Cellfina. Please see these before /after pictures of patients I have treated with Cellfina at NBDPS.

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