Concierge Medical Program
Anne Marie McNeill MD PhD Inc

Dr McNeill sees patients under 3 types of visits:


Fee is $1500 / 6 months, or $3000/ year.  This is a non-medical, “out of pocket” fee for patient administration and convenience. Dr. McNeill provides the same top-tiered quality, hands-on personalized care for each one of her patients, and our office continues to bill Medicare, PPOs for any/all appointments, biopsies or procedures. 

  • vulvar dermatology
  • skin cancer diagnosis or monitoring
  • rashes, skin conditions

Patients who wish to see Dr McNeill for these types of office visits are required to join our Concierge Medical Program and sign our Patient Acknowledgment and Conditions of Participation form 

Concierge fee includes:

  • Concierge scheduling (by text, email, portal or phone)
  • For skin cancer patients: photographic monitoring of moles using Fotofinder system in our dedicated photo studio yearly.  For vulvar dermatology or other skin conditions, photographic monitoring using Fotofinder as appropriate
  • Access to Dr McNeill directly through patient portal or e-mail
  • 10% off of skin care at NBDPS

2 – COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY (Laser and injectables)

Fee is $250 for 30 minute cosmetic consult.  This fee can be applied to any cosmetic procedure or products at NBDPS.  This appointment is appropriate for any new or existing patient who would like to come up with a plan.  In general, smaller procedures can be done at the same visit if desired.

Patients who know what procedure they would like can schedule it directly with Dr McNeill. Prices of our cosmetic procedures are available at consultation, and approximate price ranges can be given by phone or email inquiry. 


Fee is $2500 for a 30 minute consultation.  This includes a printout of Dr McNeill’s notes from the consultation.  This visit does not include treatment, expert legal testimony or deposition fees.