Coolsculpting help to reduce unwanted belly fat, bra fat, chin fat, knee fat and thigh fat just to name a few. It can reduce the number of fat cells in a trouble area. Meet our wonderful Coolsculpting team below and let them help you achieve the fat loss you desire.



Paula is a native Southern Californian. She received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Southern California. As a licensed Registered Nurse, she began working at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.  Although Paula loved working with infants and toddlers at CHOC, she left pediatrics to raise her 3 children. Given her desire to continue helping others, she spent several years volunteering at her children’s schools and doing philanthropic work. Later, she found herself back in nursing as a travel health consultant, vaccinating and educating her clients on international travel.  Most recently, she became certified in Coolsculpting, which will help with her new job responsibilities in the practice. Paula brings positive energy and passion for working with others to NBDPS and looks forward to helping her patients feel their healthiest. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling with her husband, exercising, crafting and spending time with family and friends.


Working in collaboration with the NBDPS team, we can establish a plan of care that leaves you feeling confident in your skin care and appearance goals. I look forward to playing a part in making you feel your best through the highest level of patient care



Sarah graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing. Having a great desire to become a nurse, she went back to school and earned her RN degree.  While living in Cleveland, Ohio, she was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do her nursing clinicals at one of the top hospitals in the country, The Cleveland Clinic. She was drawn to the aesthetic aspect of nursing, and here at Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, she can focus on using those skills, as well as the health and wellness of our patients.

Sarah’s days off are spent with her husband and two little girls. They enjoy spending time at the library, participating in outdoor activities, and making fun arts and crafts.

“I love the idea of helping patients feel good about themselves inside and out!. Here at Newport Beach DPS, I am provided with everything I need to do that. With a team as talented and as caring as the one we have here, our patient outcomes will be nothing short of amazing!”



Amy graduated from Golden West College with an AA degree in Psychology. She has always loved skincare and beauty and decided to get her Esthetician license where she worked as a lash technician for a while. Amy then decided to pursue a nursing degree at West Coast University where she graduated with her Bachelor Science of Nursing degree in January 2021. Shortly after graduating, Amy joined the NBDPS team working side-by-side with other great providers providing the best care to her patients. After attending Coolsculpting University, Amy became a Coolsculpting specialist using her extended knowledge and skills to provide personalized treatments to achieve her patient’s desired goals. Amy has decided to further her education and is currently in the MSN-FNP program at West Coast University while she continues to work at NBDPS.

Amy is a foodie and loves going out to eat and discovering new restaurants. Amy’s days off are spent cooking, binge watching netflix, snowboarding, or shopping.


“My mission is to help my patients achieve their desired goals by customizing treatment plans based on each individual. Knowing I am able to be a part of my patient’s journey in helping them look and feel good about themselves is rewarding.”