COVID-19 Update

We are offering in-office and virtual visits for some dermatology and plastic surgery visits. Generally virtual visits can be billed to insurance.
For your in-office visit we have taken extra precautions to help ensure your safety:
COVID-19 testing (new!): We now provide COVID-19 nasal swabs to our staff weekly, and to our patients prior to more involved visits or procedures. If you will be in the examination room longer than approximately 15 minutes, we will take a nasal swab just prior to your appointment. Please come 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for screening, your result just takes 13 minutes using our Abbott ID Now COVID-19. Please go to our COVID screening suite on the same floor at suite 706. We will bill your insurance for the screening.
Limited number of people in the office:You are also being asked to not bring children or other guests with you to your appointment. We will limit the amount of patients scheduled in the office at any given time to ensure timely placement in an exam room, without waiting in a waiting room.
Pre Screening measures:If you have a sore throat, cough, loss of taste or smell, or any pending Covid test, please reschedule your appointment. All patients and staff will have their temperatures checked upon arrival to our facility.
Hand Sanitizer or Gloves: Hand sanitizer or gloves will be provided to every patient upon arrival and we require that all patients use it throughout their visit.
Air purification:13 Molekule Air Purification systems have been installed in our facility which remove and kill airborne pollen, bacteria and viruses.
Physical barriers and separation:New protective shielding has been placed around the check-in and check-out areas. Staff are relocated and separated in order to maintain social distancing.
Staff cleaning:Enhanced cleaning of all surfaces and equipment and enhanced requirements for hand sanitizer and hand washing are in place for all staff.
To schedule a virtual visit, follow these steps.
1. Fill out the form to your right.
2. Our office will contact you via email or phone to schedule your Virtual Visit, confirm the phone number that your provider will call for your Virtual Visit, and pay your copay or fee
3. At your appointment time, our provider will call you via your chosen app to conduct your Virtual Visit

New Patients
Please complete this form and send to

Complete this form to be contacted for a virtual appointment. If you are a new patient please complete these forms in addition.