Ellacor Skin Microcoring for Jowls and Perioral Wrinkles

by: Anne Marie Mcneill, M.D., Ph.D.

As we age, we all face a wrinkle or two, but what if there was a way to reduce wrinkles like never before?  

What is ellacor with Micro-Coring Technology? 

An elegantly simple concept, ellacor uses hollow needles to remove aging and sagging skin for  an improvement in moderate to severe wrinkles. This is a radical departure from other treatments  and procedures, and a new bridge between traditional minimally invasive treatments and surgical procedures. 

This evolution through simplicity allows for skin removal without surgery or scarring. 

Ellacor improves fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and jowling in a new way to address wrinkles at a level we haven’t seen before.

Because there is no heat, it can easily and safely be combined with other procedures for a “wow” result with no additional downtime. Now that I have more than a year experience with ellacor, I prefer to combine it with Max G and/or fractionated CO2 for dramatic improvements for most aspects of facial aging and sun damage.


Most patients do 1 – 3 ellacor treatments, spaced approximately monthly.  Each treatment has 2 – 5 days downtime depending on how the procedure is done.

Is ellacor with Micro-Coring Technology Right for You? 

If you’re dealing with wrinkles in the mid and lower face, and other treatments and aesthetic options  have failed you, ellacor may be your answer. 90% of patients show improvements on the Global  Aesthetic Improvement Scale on average and 86% of overall patients express satisfaction when considering all treatment sides.

Ellacor is safe for most skin types and ages, as it is not a laser, and there is no heat, reducing risk of post-inflammatory changes that come with lasers.  

At NBDPS, I, Dr Lehmer, and Jennifer Moller PA-C perform ellacor at our San Juan Capistrano office.  We can see you in consultation at either office and will evaluate if ellacor is right for you. 


Call us at 949-706-7886 to schedule a consultation and plan your treatment.


Credit: Omar A. Ibrahimi, M.D., PhD 

2 ellacor procedures











                                               BEFORE                                                                                     6 MONTHS AFTER

Credit: Mathew Avram, M.D., J.D.

One ellacor procedure











                                                BEFORE                                                                                      1 MONTH AFTER 


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