How to get your Best Skin for your Wedding Day!

By, Kristin Scord, PA-C

Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

It’s wedding season!  The Founders of The Grotto Custom Menswear recently reached out to NBDPS for advice on how to help their clients look their best from head-to-toe on their wedding day!


For this special collaboration, we have put together a simple countdown to get your skin looking perfect for your wedding!  This guideline is for both Brides and Grooms alike!

6 or more months ahead:

✔ Start a new skincare routine!  If you either don’t have a routine or are curious about skincare recommendations to get your skin glowing, a dermatologist can help customize one for you!  It’s never too early to start to make sure that any new products are working best for you!

✔ Treatment options for Acne, Scars or Pigmentation: Time is your friend!  If you have any corrective concerns that may require healing time, make a dermatologist appointment as soon as possible.  Treatments may consist of lasers or peels that may have some recovery time, but can yield great results!

✔ Stubborn wrinkles or enhancing facial features: Anti-wrinkle injections, such as Botox, generally last around 3 months, so this is a great time to give it a try.  This gives plenty of time to fine-tune your treatment to have it perfect for your wedding day!  Then ideally get another round a month before.  Fillers for lip plumping or facial enhancements will last several months, so it’s a good idea to do well ahead.  Fillers should not be done 2-4 weeks before the event as some bruising can occur and swelling may take time to settle.


3-4 months ahead:

✔ If you haven’t established a skincare routine yet, this is the time to do it as there is still plenty of time!  Skincare should focus on hydrating and exfoliating to help keep your skin looking its best!

✔ Smooth Skin:  Squeezing in a couple of microneedling sessions is a great way to stimulate collagen, minimize pores and improve skin texture!  There can be a couple days of downtime afterwards, so plan ahead!

✔ Get your Glow with Facials: Starting here and doing a monthly facial leading up to the wedding is a great way to keep your skin decongested and to compliment your skincare.  Plus, it is a great way to treat yourself and relax amidst all of the stress that can come with planning a wedding!  Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery performs the DiamondGlow facial–the perfect mix of exfoliation, hydrafacial, and serum infusion to illuminate your skin!  Extractions and dermaplaning can also be added if needed!


1 month ahead:

✔ Ideally, focus on non-irritating treatments and hydrate!  We also advise not trying something new during this time to avoid irritation or unexpected events.

✔ This is the time to refresh your Botox!  Keep in mind that we can even bruise sometimes from these minor injections, so plan 4 weeks ahead and everything will be perfect and kicked in!

✔ Do one last facial, like the DiamondGlow around 2-3 weeks before to allow any irritation to calm down.  This is the perfect time to also do dermaplaning for super smooth make-up application on the big day!


Week of:

✔ Stay well-hydrated and prioritize good sleep!

✔ Last minute breakout or rash?  Call your dermatologist and see if you can be seen right away!  There may be an injection that can help to quickly clear up the issue if appropriate.


Day Of:

✔ Have the most amazing day and congratulations!

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