Kybella vs CoolMini: What to Know About the Newest Double-Chin Treatments- Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

Just a couple months ago we began doing treatments with Kybella, a new injectable that can minimize the appearance of a double chin with 1-3 treatments. It’s since been gaining popularity. And now, there’s another option available: CoolSculpting. The FDA recently expanded its approval of the treatment for smaller areas on the body, like the spot under your chin (previously it was only approved for spots like your stomach and thighs), with a new applicator called CoolMini.
Now the question is, how do the two stack up to each other?
How they work:
Here is the CliffsNotes version on how Kybella works: It’s an FDA-approved injection containing a naturally occurring molecule that dissolves fat, which your body then flushes out. The best candidate is someone with good skin and a very distinct appearance of fat under the chin.
CoolMini is a new FDA-approved attachment for Coolsculpting—a procedure that freezes fat cells away. One session takes roughly an hour and can freeze up to 1/3 of the fat from under your chin. It is a particularly great treatment for those who dislike injections: There are no needles involved, and there’s minimal downtime. The treatment works best for patients with looser, more mature skin. There may be a limitation with a younger neck because the skin is too taut, and would be difficult to be pulled into the vacuum device. Two treatments of the CoolMini are usually recommended to maximize the results.
Final results for both procedures typically appear within one to two months.
The side effects:
Both treatments will result in tenderness and swelling in your neck. With Kybella, there’s also a chance the area will feel numb for up to a month, and will be red and bruised for a few days. There could be numbness and redness with the CoolMini as well, but it disappears a little sooner.
The cost:
The more affordable option really comes down to the number of sessions needed. Kybella typically requires a series of three treatments (each four to six weeks apart), which costs around $3,600 in total. CoolMini costs about $1,000-$2,000 per treatment. Most people need one or two CoolMini treatments, depending on the amount of fat under the chin. If there is excess tissue you may need to do 2 cycles in one treatment (left and right, as opposed to just the middle of the neck).
Bottom line: Both treatments will provide a permanent reduction in fat, resulting in a long term, more youthful appearance!
If you’re interested in either treatment, your best bet is to make an appointment to discuss what is best for you!
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