Nonsurgical, Multifaceted Approach to Anti-Aging. No Downtime Required. Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

There are many non surgical procedures for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation available now, allowing patients who are not interested in surgery, to help maintain their youthful appearance. Most of these non-invasive procedures require minimal downtime, making them even more appealing.
What nonsurgical options are available for anti-aging?
Many reasons contribute to facial aging, and often require a variety of treatments to give an overall youthful appearance.

  • Volume Loss: As we age we lose fat pads in our face causing volume loss and hollowness, the use of fillers helps address these concerns.
  • Appearance of Skin: Sun exposure and aging causes our skin to lose collagen and elastin, making the skin pigmented, wrinkled, and develop texture abnormalities. Laser treatments and microneedling are used to stimulate collagen and elastin, and correct pigment and texture concerns. In addition, an anti-aging facial hygiene plan with topical products can aide in the correction of the superficial appearance of the skin when used consistently over time.
  • Facial Wrinkles: Muscle movement over time creates wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. Botox and Dysport are excellent at treating unwanted facial lines in the face by softening the muscle movement.
  • Drooping Skin: The combination of volume and collagen loss can lead to drooping skin. Skin tightening procedures would be recommended.

Volume loss corrected with filler

Skin laxity treated with Ultherapy, uneven skin pigmentation treated with laser, and filler for volume loss.

Uneven skin pigmentation and fine lines treated with laser, Botox for wrinkles.

Filler in lip lines.

Acne treatment, microneedling, and brightening skin care routine.
As you can see there are many ways to approach the aging face, and all should be addressed to create an overall youthful appearance. The opportunity for correction can vary from patient to patient, and a consult is the best way to assess and make an anti-aging plan.
There are so many options, how do I know what I need?
Cosmetic Consults are private appointments within our dermatology office that allow 30-45 minutes discussing the patient’s concerns and making anti-aging and cosmetic recommendations. The discussions can include any area of concern, including all areas of the face and body. We have a variety of non surgical resources, non invasive equipment, and a product boutique to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. I understand it can be overwhelming for a treatment naïve patient to enter into a cosmetic consult because there are so many options available. I help patients narrow their treatment needs so that it is less confusing. Discussing aging can be a sensitive subject for some patients, but my goal is to make patients feel comfortable, and better with their overall health and beauty goals.
When should you start to think about anti-aging treatments?
Many youthful patients are interested in maintaining their appearance and getting preventative anti-aging treatments. I am honest with my patients and help guide them to the best treatments for their age group. I see patients of all ages to help them achieve healthy skin, and maintain their natural beauty. I often tell patients it is easier to “protect and prevent aging skin” rather than trying to “reverse aging skin”. If you have had sun exposure or concerned about aging, you should start to think about what you can do now to preserve the natural beauty of your skin, and help maintain a youthful appearance.
What is your philosophy in treating the aging face?
My goals for a patient are never to make them look unlike themselves. I think it is important for skin to look healthy, have a beautiful glow, and wrinkles softened. Restoration of volume with fillers should be natural. “Less is more” is my motto, and keeps my patients naturally beautiful.
by Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

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