Meena Verma MD

Anti-aging and Wellness Board-Certified Nephrologist

Treatments & Specialties:

  • Hormone therapy


Dr. Verma joins NBDPS as another asset to our patient base. As it often happens in most doctors offices, patients come for information usually about something health issue already present. What if we in addition to doing that we treated the whole body before those issues arise? Dr. Verma will use her background in Nephrology to assess a patient’s health and ways they can improve the quality and longevity of their lives through various methods. For those either in menopause or nearing that phase of their lives she can manage foreseeable symptoms and reduce or eliminate disruptions from hormonal events. For patients struggling with weight or wanting to optimize their weight she can address. It’s possible a small tweak in diet could make a huge difference based on results she gathers from testing. Testing in various forms will allow her to understand precisely what your body needs and she can help you get those needs met. Further, she can optimize the aging process, even slowing down the inevitable process. Dr. Verma is accepting new patients.