ALA Blu Light

Photodynamic, or blue-light, therapy for actinic keratosis can help treat and reduce the number of pre-cancers, and help reduce the number of full-fledged skin cancers and possibly help in photo-rejuvenation. ALA- Blu Light therapy works by applying a light-sensitizing chemical solution (a Levulan stick, also called aminolevulinic acid, or ALA) to the skin area that needs treatment and then exposing the area to blue light (also called the Blu-U). The Levulan stick, which has been absorbed into the skin, reacts with the particular wavelength of blue light to generate reactive oxygen radicals that destroy the potentially precancerous or cancerous skin cells.

The procedure involves application of Levulan in the office, followed by an approximately 3 hour absorbtion/ incubation time, then an approximately 15 minute exposure to the Blu-U. Sunlight must be completely avoided for 48 hours after the procedure. Healing time is 5-9 days.

blu light cathy

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