Face and Neck

A facelift restores a clean rested appearance by re-draping facial soft tissue that has shifted due to natural age-related changes from the effect of gravity and facial muscle activity over time. There is a full spectrum of facelifts to consider depending on the extensiveness of surgery required to deliver a natural look. These approaches range from upper limited-scar or mini-facelifts to full facelifts including the neck soft tissue. The ideal facelift restores a more youthful, rested appearance in a subtle manner. Once the facial soft tissue is re-suspended to yield revitalized contours, the incisions, which are hidden in the natural folds of the ears and face, are closed.

The facelift is often done in conjunction with brow repositioning and periorbital rejuvenation or eyelid surgery. Occasionally, cheek or chin implants are used to restore facial volume. If indicated, full facial rejuvenation may involve a face and neck lift with fat grafting, brow repositioning with removal of excess eyelid skin, and skin resurfacing with a light TCA chemical peel.

Dr. Christopher Ellstrom recommends two weeks of rest before resuming normal activities.

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