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Early Detection of skin cancer-FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

Total body photography and individual mole analysis

The First Automated Skin Cancer Screening System of Its Kind


Dr. McNeill examining a mole with Fotofinder


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Thanks to state-of-the-art medical technology, we will help you to keep and eye on your skin- by means of special skin cancer screening procedure.  With Fotofinder we can monitor your entire body and each individual mole.  It takes just a few minutes and with regular check ups changes will show early.  Best of all there is no unnecessary surgery.

Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is currently one of just a few dozen locations in the country with this technology.  We are offering Fotofinder mapping for $225 per session.  In general, we will recommend followup sessions every 6 months or yearly.  Patients with many atypical nevi, many atypical moles, a personal history of malignant melanoma or a strong family history of malignant melanoma are excellent candidates for the Fotofinder ATBM.

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In terms of safety and peace of mind, the advantages of computer based skin cancer screening are obvious.  With our regular check-ups we are able to maintain an overview of your existing and new moles.

We can produce a “map” of your skin.  Imagine your skin as a landscape.  Total Body Mapping captures the entire skin surface long-term.  We use a high-tech system to create a map of your moles and take photography of your body systematically- from head to toe and from all sides- within a few minutes.

The special software allows us to obtain a full evaluation of new or changes lesions instantly during your check -up.  It goes without saying that your data will be treated as confidential.

Digital Dermoscopy is available to document suspicious moles.  Using a special video epiluminescence microscope we create highly magnified images of your moles, which clearly show the mole structure.  This way, one can see whether the mole is suspicious or not.  You will be able to observe the absolutely pain-free examination on the screen.  During the check-ups even minute changes of your moles will be visible. fotofinder 3

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