Fractionated CO2

The Active FX/Deep FX/Total FX system yields the most dramatic fractionated CO2 results in terms of improving skin wrinkling and pigmentation in one procedure.  After a Fractionated CO2 procedure, one should expect redness and swelling for 5-7 days. A full-face fractionated CO2 treatment is $4500, and treatment just around the eyes or just around the mouth is $1800.

ActiveFX, DeepFX and TotalFX DiagramFractional Laser Microbeam Image of Epidermis and Dermis

What is Active FX Laser Resurfacing?

Active FX is CO2 laser skin resurfacing for the active person. This laser treatment peels away years of sun damage. This procedure has a relatively short downtime involved, enabling active individuals to get back to their lifestyle quickly. The treatment results in the outermost layer of skin to peel off and regenerate a layer of new, healthy and vibrant skin.

What is Deep FX Laser Resurfacing?

DeepFX is CO2 laser skin resurfacing for deeper wrinkles, scars and fine lines. Deep FX laser resurfacing applies deep heat to your skin, promoting the production of collagen while smoothing out scars and wrinkles. This procedure also uses a fractional pattern to aid in the regeneration process. This treatment can improve the texture of your skin, giving you smooth and soft skin.

What is Total FX Laser Resurfacing?

TotalFX combines the ActiveFX and the DeepFX systems. This results in fractional resurfacing of the surface of your skin, removing sun damage and brown spots, as well as deep skin, removing wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tone. As the name suggest, Total FX is a complete resurfacing treatment.

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