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This latest technology translates into removal of ALL your tattoo colors!


Picosure’s new 532nM wavelength is designed to more effectively treat red, orange, and yellow tattoo ink colors.The 532nM wavelength is now FDA cleared and is currently in Orange County  here at NBDPS. Look how fast and easy this treatment is!
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Before & After Photos

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Results may vary.                                  Results may vary.

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Results may vary.                                 Results may vary.

See how this patient started the process of removing her unwanted radiation marking tattoos for breast cancer treatment.
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PicoSure® is the latest tattoo removal technology, not to be compared to old, out-dated, Q-Switch technology, which was pioneered back in 1958. PicoSure was brought to market in 2013 and has changed the landscape of tattoo removal. Q-Switch takes as many as 20 treatments to remove tattoos. Those treatments can be painful and time consuming. PicoSure treatments can take as little as 30 seconds, depending on the size of the tattoo. Generally 6 treatments is all that is needed to remove a tattoo. This can decrease the amount of time to eliminate your tattoo dramatically. If you are only needing to lighten your tattoo, (so it can be easily covered up with another design) that may take just 1 or 2 treatments.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.30.15 PMRemoving your unwanted tattoo is finally possible with PicoSure’s amazing picosecond laser technology. PicoSure can remove tattoos faster and with fewer side effects than other outdated lasers. It uses 755nM and 532nM wavelengths to remove the full spectrum of colored inks, including notoriously difficult greens, reds, yellows, and blues.

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High-Resolution-print-quality-photo-side-viewPicoSure is the state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser. It delivers energy to the tattoo using picosecond technology (as opposed to older, slower nanosecond lasers). What that means to the patient is more effective tattoo removal:  fewer treatments and better clearance. With older devices it can take 15-20 laser treatments to remove tattoos, but with the PicoSure laser, only 3-6 treatments are needed on average.

At NBDPS we have the latest generation of PicoSure laser, which has both the 755nM and 532nM wavelengths. Different wavelengths target different tattoo colors.  Utilizing both wavelengths, we can treat all tattoo colors including reds, blues, greens, oranges, and yellows.

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COMFORT IS KEY.  Without anesthesia, the treatment would be painful. For most small tattoos, we will inject local anesthetic before the treatment. In these cases, the laser treatment is completely painless.  In general, we can numb areas up to 4x4inches (or 2 business cards) safely. For larger tattoos, we use topical anesthesia (a numbing cream). Because the numbing cream is not as effective as injected anesthesia, you can still feel the laser, but much less than if you hadn’t used the numbing cream. We do not charge extra for anesthesia (injectable or topical). If the area to be treated is especially large, delicate, or impossible to inject local anesthetic, we can dispense an oral sedative or pain medication. If this is administered, you would need somebody to drive you home from your appointment.

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At NBDPS, your laser treatment is done at our beautiful Newport Beach office, with views of the Pacific Ocean and relaxing music during your treatment. You can rest comfortably, knowing that you are in expert hands.

WE WANT YOUR TATTOO GONE. We realize that most patients just want their tattoo gone (or as light as it can be).  For that reason we charge one fee per laser tattoo removal treatment, and we will continue to treat your tattoo for as many laser treatments as it takes to remove. We are confident enough in our technology and expertise that we feel most tattoos will be 80-100% improved after 3-6 treatments.

FRACTIONATED RESURFACING AND OTHER OPTIONS FOR STUBBORN TATTOOS. Although uncommon, some tattoos reach a point where they become resistant to PicoSure treatments. This rarely happens, but can occur when the tattoo ink was placed especially deep or mixed with other pigments. At NBDPS, we can provide other options to remove difficult tattoos. We have non-ablative fractionated resurfacing using the ICON 1550nM Erbium glass which can help remove that final stubborn discoloration. There would be an additional cost for that treatment.  In rare cases, our plastic surgeon could also excise stubborn patches. We can’t promise 100% ink clearance, but we can promise you the best treatments available for tattoo removal, and in general, the improvements are between 80 – 100%.

PRICING.  We charge by the area to be treated. We can do this because we know we can deliver results!  Our approximate prices are listed below. This is approximate. we can give you an official quote after an in-office assessment. There are times when we don’t feel that we can completely remove your tattoo or give you the result that you desire, and that can only be assessed after evaluating your tattoo and discussing your expectations. Again, our prices are global for tattoo and include your evaluation, laser treatments, anesthesia (whether it is topical, injected, or oral), and post-care ointments and bandaging if necessary.

Again, no treatment can promise to completely remove a tattoo so that it is impossible to see, although sometimes this does happen. We can set a realistic expectation for you at the time of consultation.  We can promise you the best treatments available for tattoo removal, and in general the improvements are between 80 – 100%.  If any plastic surgery excision is done for stubborn patches, that is at an additional price.

0-2×3 inch tattoo (approximately a business card):  $375 per treatment

2×3-4×3 inch tattoo (approximately 2 business cards):  $800 per treatment

4×3-4×6 inch tattoo (approximately 4 business cards):  $1200 per treatment

Pricing for larger tattoos will increase as size increases and we can give you exact pricing upon consultation.

** Get 20% off for prepaid package of 6 treatments.

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