Recovery from Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a personal choice. That choice to have surgery should be made by the person having surgery and they should understand there are risks involved with any surgery. However, at Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, we make every effort to ensure your surgery goes as smoothly as possible. Dr. Ellstrom has shown his compassion and attention with every patient he meets by giving them uncompromising care. He intentionally asks for several follow up appointments to ensure he is aware of any possible issues before they become problems in your recovery. Having said that, it is important for every patient to be an advocate for their own care. They need to follow directions and expect recovery time. Some patients think they should be back to normal energy after a few days. Some may feel their energy return right away but others take longer to recover. It is important to listen to your body and not over-exert yourself in the days, weeks and months following major surgery. A detailed description of post surgery care will be given to you. If there are questions beyond these instructions please call our office at 949.706.7886.

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