Sebacia Acne Treatment

The Sebacia treatment is different from traditional acne medications because it is done in your dermatologist’s office and reduces or eliminates the need for daily medication. The treatment is comfortable, convenient, and consists of three short 30-45 minute treatment sessions over 2 weeks. After each treatment session, there is no downtime and you can return to work or school.

The Sebacia treatment works by delivering a formulation of gold microparticles to your skin which are then heated with a common dermatology laser. This selected heating of your skin targets an underlying cause of acne. Each treatment session starts with a thorough facial cleansing with mild soap. Then, the gold microparticles are gently massaged into your skin by your Sebacia provider. Next, a common dermatology laser is applied to the skin to heat the gold microparticles, which heats the pores and glands that produce oil. This selective heating results in fewer acne lesions and an improvement in the appearance of your skin over time.

The Sebacia treatment offers several important benefits for patients like you:

    • Targets a root cause of acne
    • No anesthesia necessary
    • Non-invasive
    • Suitable for adolescents and adults with mild to moderate acne
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