Vulvar Skin Conditions

Dr. McNeill is a board-certified dermatologist with special expertise in the vulvar anatomy. She specializes in skin problems of the vulvar area, including lichen schlerosus, vulvar atopic dermatitis, vulvar lichen simplex chronicus, vulvar psoriasis, vulvar itch, vulvadynia, and vulvar skin cancers. These problems can be extremely distressing to patients who don’t know who to see for this problem. Dr. McNeill is referred patients from other dermatologists and Ob/Gyns for her special expertise in this area and patients travel from all over California . Dr. McNeill’s training in this subspecialty began in 2006 when she studied vulvar dermatology at St. John’s Institute in London, England as a scholarship from the Women’s Dermatologic Society. She has continued to lecture at national meetings and teach residents about this important subspecialty. Please see the below links for more information from Dr. McNeill about vulvar dermatology.

CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. McNeill talk about “Demystifying Vaginal Rejuvenation”

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Womens’ Health and Vulvar Dermatology | Anne Marie McNeill, M.D. Ph.D

New Treatment Available for Lichen Sclerosus at NBDPS- Anne Marie McNeill, MD PhD

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