Skin and Superfoods Series- Flaxseed- Dr. Larisa Lehmer

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Skin benefits
Improved sensitivity
After three months of daily intake, participants on the flax had a significant decrease in skin redness in response to irritation that got better as the study progressed while there was no change in the placebo group.
-Less wrinkles
-Increased hydration
-Improved smoothness
-Less scaling
Health benefits
-Reducing inflammation
-Weight loss
-Reducing hypertension
-Preventing and improving survival of breast cancer
-Improving prostate cancer survival
-Lowering blood sugar
-Improving ovarian function
Dose: 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed daily.
Form: I purchase whole raw flaxseeds which are very shelf-stable and grind up as much as will fit in my coffee-grinder which ends up producing a scant cup of meal for easy access. Once ground, I recommend storing in the refrigerator for optimal freshness.
How to get it IN: Flaxseeds have a mild nutty flavor. The easiest items to add ground flax to are hot cereals and smoothies. It is frequently used as a thickening agent for all types of dressings, sauce, soup, filling, or veggie stew!

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