Skincare Basics Series – Kristin Scord, MS PA-C

Welcome back to the Skincare Basics mini-series–the PM edition!


A simple reminder that this series will be the “Basics” for some great starter regimens for most skin types.

These are foundational recommendations for general skin types, with some starting recommendations in some problem areas.


Skincare Basics 101:  PM Routine – Hydration + Exfoliation!

General Routine Recommendation:

  1. Cleanser (to match skin type needs)
  2. Exfoliant (physical vs chemical)
  3. Serum (for extra concern-specific benefits!)
  4. Moisturizer (to match skin type needs)  


It is important to “wash off the day” of dirt, sweat, oils, and cosmetics.  Find a cleanser that matches your skin type–sensitive, oily, aging, acne-prone, etc.  If you wear makeup, double-cleansing may be needed!  Some favorite non-stripping cleansers are below!


*Acne-Prone: MD McNeill Brightening Clearing Cleanser

*Anti-Aging: Priori Gentle Wash

*Gentle/Sensitive:  Alumier Hydroboost Cleanser, MD McNeill antioxidant cleanser

*Oily: Alumier Purifying Gel Cleanser



Physical vs Chemical – the best of both worlds!  

Physical exfoliators are designed to physically buff and polish dry, dull, and dead skin.  It’s recommended to only use these 1-2 times a week.  

Chemical exfoliation comes in the form of a topical application of ingredients like AHAs (lactic, glycolic acids), BHAs (salicylic acid), or retinol/retinoids, that stimulate skin cell renewal and turnover that has benefits in both the improvement of texture, dullness, acne and is considered anti-aging!  The frequency of use of chemical exfoliators depends on the strength and can potentially be used daily depending on tolerance.


*Toner: Alumier Bright & Clear Solution (Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid)

*Physical and/or Chemical (Lactic Acid): Priori Peel & Scrub (Use as a physical scrub or leave on for no-scrub chemical exfoliation! Can be used on the body and face! )

*AHA (non-retinol for pregnant or sensitive skin): Alumier AHA Renewal  (Lactic Acid)

*OTC Retinol (great retinol starting point, or for a more gentle option): Alumier Retinol Resurfacing Serum, comes in varying strengths

*Rx Strength Retinoid: Obagi Tretinoin Cream (can be purchased in-store if recommended by a provider), comes in varying strengths



Serums are a great way to add additional targeted treatments into your skincare routine.  Here are some of our favorites!

Area of Concern: Anti-Aging  

This hydrating skin booster stimulates collagen production and uses natural ingredients and biotechnology to reverse DNA damage for all skin types and conditions including age spots, sun damage, acne scarring.


*Priori DNA Recovery Serum


Area of Concern: Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma  

These brightening formulations use various active ingredients to help both inhibit pigmentation and brighten discolored skin.


*Alumier Intellibright Complex (non-HQ option, pregnancy safe)

*Priori Illumination Treatment – TTC (non-HQ option, pregnancy safe)

*ZO Pigment Control Creme (4% Hydroquinone, Requires Provider Evaluation)


Area of Concern: Hydration!  

Try adding an extra hydrating serum!  HA serums boost hydration and enhance the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier!


*Alumier Ultimate Boost Serum

*MD McNeill Smooth Skin HA Serum

*SkinMedica HA5 


Area of Concern: Post Procedure (example: laser treatment, microneedling)  

This antioxidant and vitamin-infused formula locks in moisture while replenishing and repairing weakened skin for a softer, smoother appearance.


*Priori Barrier Repair Complex – LCA



Moisturizer, like face cleanser, should be picked based on skin type needs and is a great way to add back in hydration, skin-boosting ceramides and peptides, and calm and balance the complexion!



*Acne-Prone: MD McNeill Face Quencher

*Anti-Aging: MD McNeill Intensive Night Cream

*Gentle/Sensitive:  Alumier Hydracalm, Avene Tolerance Cream

*Oily: MD McNeill Face Quencher

*Post-Procedure: Alumier Recovery Balm, Avene Cicalfate


Hoping you enjoy your evening with a little skin-care self-care!

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