Summer Sun Protection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is sunscreen bad for coral reefs?
Chemical components, oxybenzone & octinoxate, may be toxic and damage coral reefs and have been banned in Hawaii and Key West. Mineral sunscreens are safe!

Are sunscreens absorbed into the blood?
Chemical sunscreens get absorbed into blood but we don’t know if it causes any harm yet.

I have dark skin. Do I need sunscreen?
Yes, yes, yes! Think of all the anti-aging benefits, and newsflash – people with dark skin get skin cancer too!

Do I need to wear sunscreen when I am indoors?
Yes! UVA penetrates glass / windows and hence you need protection.

Do I need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day?
Yes – UVA exposure doesn’t depend on cloud cover.

Can makeup with SPF substitute sunscreen?
No. You would have to use an extreme amount of make-up to achieve desired sun protection.

Can chemical sunscreen cause seizures?
No! There are no scientific studies to support that.

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