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“Going to Newport Beach Dermatology & Plastic Surgery was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I developed dark spots a few years ago due to many years of sun exposure without wearing sunscreen. These dark spots were big, brown, and on my face. They were so bad that I never went out without wearing makeup and tons of concealer to cover the spots. I cried every morning I woke up and saw them…they were that bad. I decided to make an appointment with Michele, the Nurse Practitioner, to see what she recommended for my skin.

During my consultation, Michele was so helpful, informative, caring, and easy to talk to. She gave me her recommendations and made sure that I was a part of the decision making process. I decided to go with the PicoSure procedure combined with a skin lightening lotion. Michele explained the procedure in great detail and answered all of my questions listening patiently to my concerns and being very empathetic. I would most likely need several treatments due to the size and color of the dark spots.

Michele did an amazing job for each procedure, and she’s so personable and always puts me at ease. I noticed a remarkable improvement after just 1 treatment. After one more treatment, there was such a huge difference that I no longer feel the need to wear makeup unless I really want to. My skin has never looked better. The dark spots are barely noticeable and my skin is radiant now. The results of these procedures have exceeded my expectations!

Many people have asked me what I’m doing with my skin…it looks that good (lol)! My friends, family, and colleagues have all told me that my skin looks great, which I’ve never had before. It says a lot considering I’m in my mid 40’s! I’ve referred them all to Newport Beach Dermatology & Plastic Surgery. I’m so grateful to Michele for her expertise, care, and wonderful work. She has made such a difference in my appearance and self confidence. I’m extremely pleased with the results!

I highly recommend Michele and the Newport Beach Dermatology & Plastic Surgery to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery or needs help with their skin. The entire staff is excellent, accommodating, and very professional. Thank you so much, Michele, for being so kind, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. I greatly appreciate your help and excellent work. For the first time in my life, my skin looks incredible, thanks to you! :)”

– Linda K. , Alhambra

“When you walk in the office it’s very Zen and relaxing.
The staff was very nice.
This was my first time for Botox so I was a little nervous.
Dr. Anne Marie McNeill was Amazing. I did not feel a thing! She was very kind and gentle, highly recommend this office.”

– Samantha B. H.B.

“It’s been a year since my last review and I think it’s time to update! I have now been coming here regularly and continue to have my lips touched up and I obsessed. My lips are literally perfect every single time.

Normally for touch ups I have been seeing Dr. McNeill but I randomly wanted to add more and she was booked so I was able to get in with Michele Westendorf the NP at the office and she was just as amazing!! No needle marks and done exactly the way I asked them to be done! They look natural and full and I will now be happy having either one of these talented ladies working on my face!

I see so many girls with lip injections they received at a discount type location and their results reflect what they paid. It’s worth every penny to have an experienced professional do the work. The staff is ALWAYS super nice and friendly and scheduling is a breeze!

I also got Botox for the first time. Started with just a few units in between my eyebrows done by Michele and it perfectly took care of the annoying line there without giving me that frozen look. It is subtle and natural looking. So happy with how it turned out, as I was nervous to start with Botox (weird since I do my lips all the time I know lol)”

– Ashlee A., Newport Beach

“I had always wanted to get my lips done, nothing major just a slight upgrade. I spoke will PA, Jennifer Moller, who I love, she advised me about pricing and the procedure. I made my appointment and a few weeks I was back to get them done. She encouraged me to just go with a 1/2 of syringe since this was my first time and she didn’t want my lips to look crazy overdone. I’ve been seeing her for years as my dermatologist, so I trusted her. She told me after two weeks if I wasn’t satisfied come back and we can always add more. Well two weeks later I was back and we decided on a full syringe this time. I felt like she took her time to make sure my lips looked natural and were what I wanted.

She has taken care of my skin and did a phenomenal job on my lips. My friends noticed I did something different but didn’t exactly know what. I loved that you could tell a difference but that it wasn’t so unnatural it was obvious. I love Newport Beach Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Their staff is so sweet and their office is gorgeous. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this place and Jennifer Moller.”

– Megan R., Irvine

“Excellent all around! Dr. McNeill is so professional and caring.  I’m a big wimp when it comes to needles, she was so patient and gentle with me.  I love going to Lindsay for facials, she is so good at what she does and an expert on skin care.  All of the office staff is so friendly and professional.”

– SF Aliso Viejo

“I have done everything from a standard skin cancer screening to blue light to laser scar removal. Dr. McNeill has a great bed side manner and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I trust her completely.”

– KM Corona Del Mar

“I have been going to Dr. McNeill’s office for almost a year now. I have been so happy with their staff and how nice their office is. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen which is very important to me because I am always in a hurry.

The PA, Jennifer Moller, saw me for my first appointment and I have been seeing her ever since. She is very kind and professional and took great care of me. I will continue referring my friends to go to Dr. McNeill’s office if they are in need of a dermatologist or other skin care needs.”

– NA, Costa Mesa

“I’ve been seen by Dr. McNeill and her team three times now for laser scar treatment and acne, and I continue to be impressed. They are fairly punctual (no long waits to be seen!), very professional, and give great service. I’ve purchased several of their skin care products and they’ve all been great. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a good dermatologist!”

– JH, Huntington Beach