The #NEWTOX on the Block-Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

It’s finally here, the newest toxin to treat wrinkles. Botox was approved in 1989 for the medical treatment of muscle spasms. Quickly, it moved to the aesthetic market and was approved in 2002 to treat glabella wrinkles (between the brows). Since then, it has gained approval to treat forehead wrinkles. As injectors, we use it off label to treat wrinkles around the eyes, the “bunnies”, neck, chin, DAO, etc. There have been a couple of neurotoxins that came to market, but never compared to the well-known Botox. Watch out Botox, there is a #NEWTOX on the block called Jeuveau. In my opinion, it is the best neurotoxin to treat wrinkles.
Why do I think it’s so fabulous?
It works FAST.
Botox and Xeomin typically take 1-2 weeks to appreciate the full effect. Dysport is a little quicker, noticing a decrease in muscle movement on days 5-6. I started to feel Jeuveau a little the next day, and by day three a nice inhibition of muscle movement. Keep in mind, every patient will respond a little differently, however most of my patients reported that they felt it working very quickly, and much faster than Botox.
It spreads EVENLY.
Are you ever left with a funny wrinkle up high on the forehead or over the brow after a Botox treatment? I have noticed Jeuveau spreads and smoothes wrinkles evenly. Little tiny wrinkles are captured better, all the way up to the hairline.
There is a little science behind the difference of Botox and Jeuveau that makes Jeuveau unique. There is a protein that has been changed, and it is vacuumed sealed. This “modern technology” is claimed to allow Jeuveau to be “98% pure”. The science can be debated, but what I have noticed clinically is that it works better than Botox. I have noticed over the years many patients complain that “their Botox doesn’t work like it used to”. When they try Jeuveau they have been ecstatic with the results. Men with strong glabella muscles are surprised how great the product works.
We are excited to offer the newest toxin on the market. I encourage you try it at your next aesthetic appointment. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
Please note I have no affiliation with Evolus, manufacturer of Jeuveau. The statements listed above are my opinion only. Patient experience can vary.

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