What are the Best Cosmetic Treatments to do this Winter? – Kristin Scord, PA-C

These are a few of our favorite things to do this winter to get your skin refreshed and revived!


For improvement of texture, wrinkles, elasticity, hyperpigmentation.

-Fractional and CO2 lasers offer different degrees of anti-aging skin resurfacing which is important to do when you can stay out of the sun following treatment due to some post-procedure skin sensitivity!

-IPL and PICO lasers are great for lifting stubborn skin hyperpigmentation and winter is a great time to lift away the summer spots!


*Chemical Peels:

For improvement of texture, elasticity, hyperpigmentation, acne.

-From mandelic (pregnancy-friendly) peels to acne-helping Salicylic Acid peels and even the pigment-correcting Cosmelan peel or the infamous deep 3-step ZO peel, you’ll want to protect yourself from the sun for several days or weeks following!


*Laser Hair Removal:

For improvement of unwanted hair.

-Pre-summer is the perfect time to get rid of that unwanted hair before shorts season returns!


*Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy:

For improvement of sun-damaged skin and a therapeutic treatment.

-This helps treat precancerous cells while improving the cosmetic appearance of skin! Hiding from the sun for a couple of days post-treatment is essential!


For more information on any of these treatments, give us a call at NBDPS!


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