Concierge Dermatology Program by Anne Marie McNeill, M.D. Ph.D, FAAD

Dr. McNeill has more than 20 years of experience helping her patients achieve optimal skin health with special expertise in vulvar dermatology, skin cancer detection and diagnosis as well as excellent cosmetic results.
Read on to learn about concierge benefits with Dr. McNeill and how to become her patient.
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Dr. McNeill provides specialized care in vulvar dermatology, skin cancer diagnosis and monitoring, as well as treatment for various rashes and skin conditions. We have made a concierge fee based program. If you participate, you can schedule appointments with Dr. McNeill through text, email, patient portal, or phone.
Skin Cancer Exams FotoFinder
For her skin cancer patients, we are proud to offer photographic monitoring of moles using the Fotofinder system in our dedicated photo studio on a yearly basis. This advanced technology allows for precise monitoring and early detection of any changes, ensuring the highest level of care for patients. Similarly, for those seeking treatment for vulvar dermatology or other skin conditions, photographic monitoring using Fotofinder will be utilized as appropriate to track progress and ensure optimal outcomes.
Furthermore, we are excited to offer direct access to Dr. McNeill through our patient portal or via email. We believe that open communication is essential to providing the best possible care, and we encourage you to reach out to Dr. McNeill with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your care.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this benefit, email us at, call, or text (949) 274-7635, and we’ll reach out to you to provide you with more detailed information.

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Concierge Dermatology F.A.Q.

I Have a PPO, Medicare or EPO Plan:

Great! NBDPS Concierge Medicine accepts PPO, Medicare and most EPO insurance plans.

  • We will bill your insurance for office visits and procedures, just as a traditional health care provider.
  • Your insurance benefits and co-pays, deductibles and non-reimbursable fees apply as specified by your PPO insurance plan.

Yes. Our secure patient platform makes telehealth visits easy. It is important to us that you access care in the manner that is most convenient for you.

Yes! Dr. McNeill performs cosmetic treatments like injectables and lasers without concierge membership. She accepts new cosmetic patients as well. There is a $250 consultation fee that can be applied toward your recommended treatment.

If you're part of Dr. McNeill's concierge program, there will still be cash office visit prices in addition to the concierge fee. The concierge program covers services outside of office visits and procedures, including concierge scheduling, photographic monitoring, and direct access via her patient portal.

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