FALL in Love With Your Skin- Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

It’s that time… the kids are in school and you now have a moment for yourself! Time to “fall” in love with your skin again!
Hydration in the fall and winter is essential. Hydrated skin helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives your skin a pretty glow, and allows makeup to go on smoothly. Boost your hydration with hyaluronic acid, our favorite is Skin Medica’s HA5. Also ensure you have a heavier night time moisturizer that helps repair and restore your skin- Dr. McNeill’s Intensive Repair Night Cream feels amazing and preps the skin for a beautiful glow in the morning, just when you need it!
Step it up with a laser treatment or microneedling, fall and winter are the best to reverse the signs of summer. These anti-aging treatments are usually recommended in a series of 3-4, perfect during this time of year to recover without the concerns of sun exposure post procedure.
Drink lots of water! The affects water intake has on skin is amazing. The more hydrated you are the plumper and more youthful your skin appears. Under eye bags are lighter, wrinkles softer, and skin has a natural “lift” to it.
Get a facial… Facials and peels are perfect this time of year. You can improve the appearance of sun damaged skin with a more gentle approach. We have two estheticians in our office who have access to medical grade peels and are experts at skin care.
We offer a wide array of skin care products and services to help you get you to fall in love with your skin here at NBDPS! Call for an appointment today!

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