How to Get the Earliest Detection of Melanoma-Jennifer Moller MS, PA-C

Yearly skin exams are recommended to detect skin cancers, but is there a way to assist in the exam and possibly detect a skin cancer earlier?
A new technology called FotoFinder revolutionizes full body skin exams through an intelligent combination of automated high-resolution total body skin photography and video dermoscopy. There are only 35 Fotofinders in the country, and NBDPS has one!
The technology does not replace the visual skin exam, it aides in the exam. We recommend patients with a history of skin cancer, or that have many moles, get a set of baseline photos with the Fotofinder. Patients will get new photographs yearly to monitor suspicious, changing, or new moles. The Provider can make better decisions about biopsies and tracking moles for each patient specifically. We are more knowledgeable of your changing skin.
Unnecessary biopsies are reduced by using the Fotofinder’s high powered dermoscopy and Mole Analyzer. Using dermoscopy with the Fotofinder we can get a second opinion about a suspicious lesion. The Mole Analyzer will assess a mole and will give a percentage of risk for being a skin cancer. We can then determine to watch the mole, or biopsy it.
I have found it extremely helpful when doing my skin exams to have a set of photos to refer to and acknowledge any changes. It makes me feel as if we are really tracking every inch of skin on a patient, and can be confident if one is changing.
FotoFinder photos are taken daily by our trained medical staff to ensure we have the most consistent and reliable photographs. An appointment is needed so that we can allow appropriate time for the photographs. Patients are encouraged to undress for the photos, however undergarments can be kept on if the patient feels more comfortable doing so.
If you have a history of skin cancer, have many moles, or would like the security of baseline photos, call the office today to schedule your FotoFinder session.

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