How to Know Which Laser is Best for You- Jennifer Moller, PA-C

Living in Southern California has many benefits, including having excellent sunny weather most of the year. Many of us are active outdoors, and some of us were sun worshipers in our youth. Unfortunately, the exposure to the sun has led our skin to being wrinkled, pigmented, droopy, and aged.
When addressing the aging face, the skin quality should be the first thing discussed. Healthy skin is youthful, and should be free of hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles. I encourage all of my patients to consider skin resurfacing BEFORE fillers. Fillers are an important part of restoring the aging face, but should be done after the overall quality of the skin has been improved.
You have heard that laser and skin surfacing is the best way to improve your skin, but how do you know which laser is best for you? There are so many to choose from!
Finding the right laser for you is determined by many factors.
What are your main concerns? Do you have sun damaged skin, sun spots, wrinkles, melasma, loose skin, or broken blood vessels; or a combination of these?
How much downtime can you fit in your schedule? Do you have no downtime, a few days you can spare, or a week?
What is your budget? The more effective lasers can be more expensive, and require more downtime, but will require fewer treatments.
One thing to keep in mind, there is no such laser that will erase your wrinkles and or hyperpigmentation in one treatment, with no downtime, and is inexpensive. It probably took several decades for you skin to get in the condition it’s in today, so setting up realistic expectations is very important.
Attached is a spreadsheet to help you navigate your way through the various types of lasers, and which one might be best for you!
We also offer cosmetic consults in office to help assess your skin and make a treatment plan that is best for you. Call our office at 949-706-7886 to schedule your appointment!

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