How to test skincare products at home and what to do if you develop a skin reaction?

skin rash

With so many skincare products available, sometimes it is difficult to tell if your skin might react to any ingredient, including any of the preservatives. A possible allergic contact dermatitis might occur where the skin becomes red, swollen and itchy.

Here’s how to test skincare products at home:

1)    Do a test spot on a small area.

Apply product on a non-sun exposed area on your arm twice daily for 3-5 days

2)    Leave the product on your skin.

Make sure to have product on your skin for a long enough duration such as 24 hrs to see if there is a skin reaction. For most products leave them on without washing it after some time. For cleansers at least leave them on for 5 mins to see If you develop a skin reaction

3)    Some active ingredients such as retinol or hydroxy acids might initially irritate the skin which improves with time.

Here are some tips to take care of your skin if you develop a skin reaction with itching, redness or swelling:

1)    Gently wash off the product and avoid it in the future

2)    Apply a cool compress

3)    Apply Vaseline and sunscreen to help it heal without discoloration

4)    If you develop a rash, please contact your dermatologist

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