Laser Removal of Microbladed Eyebrows-Anne Marie McNeill MD PhD FAAD

Eyebrow microblading is a popular semi-permanent form of brow tattooing.  Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the result.  Microblading pigment is similar to tattoo pigment, and can be removed safely at NBDPS using the PicoSure tattoo removal lasers and/ or microneedling or fractionated lasers.

Removal of microbladed eyebrows is increasingly popular.  They can look artificial, too dark, too thick, or uneven.  Although theoretically, they should fade on their own over 1-3 years, sometimes patients don’t want to wait that long, or it has been that long and they have not faded.

Depending on the color of the microbladed brow, the appropriate wavelength or wavelengths of laser are selected. Please see this patient’s experience with me at NBDPS with laser removal of her microbladed eyebrows.  Many thanks to my lovely patient for sharing her experience!

I don’t always do the treatment exactly this way.  Light brown micro bladed brows are often a mixture of black pigment (treated with the 755nM PicoSure laser) and red/yellow pigment (treated with the 532nM PicoSure laser).  As the brow fades, sometimes residual very light pigment is treated with micro needling or fractionated lasers (1540nM fractionated erbium or fractionated CO2).

Many times now that I have a great deal of experience in this treatment, if it is very obvious that different wavelengths will be necessary, they can both be combined in one session.  The treatment is very satisfying and effective, restoring a beautiful, natural look!

8 thoughts on “Laser Removal of Microbladed Eyebrows-Anne Marie McNeill MD PhD FAAD

  1. Jennifer Lee says:

    Hello, My name is Jennifer. I just got microbladed eyebrows done however I want to remove them. Is it possible? Thank you.

    • NBDPS says:

      Yes we have had many satisfied patients. We recommend a consultation but the price is between $350-$450 per treatment and there are 3 or more treatments needed.

  2. Racquel says:

    Hi, can the red be removed completely? I’ve had 4 pico laser treatments in another office and I still have red staining that the lasers can’t seem to remove.

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